Go Virtual At The Revamped Canada’s Safest Employers Awards

October 20, 2022
11:00 AM ET

Last year the Canada’s Safest Employers Awards brought together over 500 occupational health and safety professionals from across the nation for an all-new virtual awards experience.

This year, we’re ready to do it all over again on October 20 and continue our long-standing tradition of celebrating industry excellence.

This unmissable event will feature the highly anticipated winner announcements, hosted by Brodie Lawson, TSN Contributor | Former CFL Host. By popular demand, we’re also bringing back live virtual panels featuring some of the excellence awardees, who will be sharing their inspiring insights, best practices and success stories. This is an unparalleled opportunity to go behind the scenes and engage with the industry’s best.

The virtual platform also offers a live chat option and a peer-matching function allowing you to network and reconnect with your peers and the wider occupational health and safety profession.

So don’t miss out. Be sure to join us on October 20 at 11:00 AM ET as we bring the celebration of the year directly to you – wherever you are.

What’s Happening On The Day

At the virtual Canada’s Safest Employers Awards 2022, you’ll be able to:

Catch the exclusive stream of the winner announcements hosted by TSN Contributor | Former CFL Host Brodie Lawson

Show your industry spirit and support the 100-plus outstanding excellence awardees

Join live virtual panels featuring some of the excellence awardees, who will be sharing their inspiring insights, best practices and success stories

Network and reconnect with your peers in the OHS industry with our live chat and a peer-matching function


11:00 am


11:10 am

An in-depth look at Canada’s safety industry

As Canada’s occupational health and safety industry has evolved, the profile and strategic importance of workplace safety has dramatically increased. The past few years have impacted workers in various areas, from mental health to workplace ergonomics. What are the key learnings from recent events? How is the risk landscape evolving? What are the current products and services influencing the market today?

• Navigating the shifting challenges, priorities and risks of a post-pandemic workplace

• How can OH&S leaders strategically work alongside other departments to ensure accident prevention?

• Rebuilding basic safety programs and teams

11:45 am

How to ensure optimal environmental safety in the workplace

Exposure to chemicals and other hazardous substances, such as toxic waste, is much more common than you would think in the workplace. Environmental safety has always been a concern, but the pandemic has shown us that practices around sustainability are vital to the future of the industry. That’s why it’s so important for employers to ensure that their environmental safety plans are up to scratch. Join a panel of experts as they dive into a conversation on environmental safety today.

• What types of sustainable PPE solutions can organizations consider?

• How to effectively communicate with workers around environmental safety.

• Waste disposal best practices for workers and employers.

• Tip and tricks to stay up to date on Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) compliance.

12:20 pm

Integrating a radical safety culture from the top down

Leaders have an important role to play in workplace safety. Poorly designed equipment, operations and working conditions can all encourage unsafe behaviours. This session will address specific ways your business can adopt a safety-orientated culture – from the top down.

12:55 pm

Adaptability and other traits that are imperative to career growth

Being able to adapt to changing environments and work processes enables you to grow faster in your career, as it means you are open to learning new things, taking on new challenges, and making adjustments that suit transitions in the workplace. What other skills are required by a safety leader today? This session will feature a panel of leaders and their unique perspectives on the key skills that will help drive success in the safety industry.

1:30 pm

Talent retention and the influence of a strong safety culture on engagement

A strong workplace culture is key for organizations wishing to attract and keep top talent and improve employee wellbeing. And a robust safety culture is integral to this, now more so than ever. Factors such as salary, training, cash incentives and the all-important flexibility are essential to leadership retaining talent. In this session, hear how organizations and safety professionals are navigating talent management and retention and investing to build a strong culture of safety.

2:05 pm

New perspective: A panel of rising stars

In a rapidly changing industry, a new generation of talent is emerging. And they are bringing with them innovative ideas around health and safety and new standards for the workplace as a whole. Hear from a panel of rising stars as they discuss their industry experiences thus far and some of the biggest topics in safety today.

2:40 pm

The health and safety risks of tomorrow

As the workplace evolves, so do workplace hazards. What does the future hold for the safety profession? What potential hazards should the industry begin to prepare for? This session will examine potential new risks that may arise in the near (or distant) future.

3:15 pm

Award Presentations:

  • Canada’s Safest New Employer
  • The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada Award for Canada’s Safest Chemistry Employer
  • Canada’s Safest Mining & Natural Resources Employer
  • Best Environment Management Program
  • The MSA Safety Award for Canada’s Safest Oil & Gas Employer
  • The WSPS Award for CEO of the Year
  • Canada’s Safest Utilities & Electrical Employer
  • Canada’s Safest Employer for Young Workers
  • Canada’s Safest Construction Employer
  • The Minerva Award for Rising Star of the Year
  • Canada’s Safest Employer in Services Sector
  • Canada’s Safest Logistics and Supply Chain Employer
  • Canada’s Safest Manufacturing Employer
  • The Avetta Award for Best Safety Industry Provider
  • Canada’s Safest Public Sector/Non-Profit Employer
  • Canada’s Safest Public Transportation Employer
  • The BGIS Award for Safety Leader of the Year
  • Best Wellness and Psychological Safety Program
  • Most Innovative Use of Safety Technology
  • The WSIB Award for Canada’s Best Health & Safety Culture


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