Canada’s Safest Employers FAQ

1. What is the timeline for the entire process?

Week of February 25th , 2020 - nominations open

May 15th , 2020 at 11:59 pm EST - nominations close

May 15th – June 19th , 2020 - all nominations will be vetted against the eligibility requirements and an initial shortlist of eligible nominees will be selected. These nominees will be contacted, invited to complete a more detailed submission form and partake in a perception survey in order to move to the next stage of the process.

June 19th , 2020 – deadline for submission forms and completion of perception surveys, after which final judging panel will review to determine the finalists and winner in each category.

July 31st – August 12th - all finalists will be informed that they have been successful. All announcements are under embargo until August 12th.

August 12th , 2020 - Finalists will be announced

September 2020 & October 2020 - all finalists will be invited to participate in video interviews

October 22nd 2020 - all winners will be announced “Oscars style” at the gala awards ceremony at The Liberty Grand in Toronto. Winners will not be informed prior to the show.

2. Tell me more about the awards

2020 marks the proud 10 year anniversary of Canada’s Safest Employers Awards, presented by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine.

Canada's Safest Employers Awards recognizes and celebrates companies and individuals from across Canada, with outstanding accomplishments, demonstrating leadership and innovation in promoting the health and safety of their workers.

The Awards boast 21 categories, including industry-specific categories for public sector/non-profit, to mining and natural resources. Companies are judged on a wide range of occupational health and safety elements, including employee training, OHS management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness and innovative health and safety initiatives.

In 2020, we have added several NEW award categories added, including additional industry specific employer awards, awards for environmental health and safety and industrial hygiene, as well as 2 additional individual awards for the outstanding CEO and Rising Star in the safety industry. We are also recognizing those vendors who support the safety of workers, with a new Service Provider award.

The nomination process has been streamlined in order to encourage further nominations and there are 2 stages of shortlisting, overseen by the judging panel.

Winners will not be advised in advanced but this year will be announced live and “Oscars Style” at the gala.

The annual awards gala on October 22 at a new venue, The Liberty Grand in Toronto, will welcome hundreds of attendees – including the foremost occupational health and safety professionals and employers – for the live reveal of winners and an evening of celebration and networking.

3. What is the complete process?

Step 1: Nominate yourself, your company or another individual for an award or awards. There are different nomination forms for each award. Select the award you wish to nominate for from the drop-down menu and complete the questions.

Step 2: nominations will be vetted against the eligibility requirements and an initial shortlist of eligible nominees will be selected. These nominees will be contacted, invited to complete a more detailed submission form and partake in a perception survey in order to move to the next stage of the process.

If you are successfully shortlisted, you will be invited to move to the next round and will be required to complete a more detailed submission form and an employee perception survey, which you are required to send out to your employees and meet a minimum threshold of respondents by a pre-determined deadline set up the safest employers organizing committee. (See FAQ #9 for complete details.)

Step 3: Submission forms and perception surveys will be reviewed and the ultimate list of Finalists will be determined and announced.

Step 4: NEW FOR 2020: The judges will review the submission forms and perception surveys and will vote independently for their choice of winner in each category. The winners will not be informed in advance but will be announced live, “Oscars style” at the gala award show on October 22nd 2020.

4. When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline is Friday, May 1st, 2020 at 11:59pm EST for all awards.

5. Can I apply for multiple awards?

Yes, you can apply for more than one award if you meet the criteria listed HERE.

6. Does it cost money to participate in the awards?

There is no cost involved in submitting a nomination or being shortlisted as a finalist.

7. We are a Canadian division of an international company, can we apply?

Yes, you can. Please make sure to respond to the nomination form questions with just the Canadian division in mind, as just the Canadian division would be evaluated.

8. We have multiple locations/branches across Canada but we only want to nominate one branch. Can we do that?

Yes. You can specify the branch you want to nominate in your nomination form. Please make sure to fill out all parts of the form with just that one branch in mind, such as number of employees, lost-time injuries etc. This rule applies to all awards except the Canada's Best Health + Safety Culture Award. That award is intended only for an entire organization; not divisions or branches.

9. How does the survey work?

You will receive a link to the survey that you need to pass along to all your employees. If you have between 20 and 5,000 employees, you will need at least 20 per cent of your employee population to complete the survey to move on to the next phase of the competition. If you have between 5,001 and 10,000 employees, you need 10 per cent of them to complete the survey. And companies with more than 10,000 workers need five per cent. The minimum number of respondents will be indicated to you when you receive the link to your survey.

This is a mandatory requirement. You will be given instructions on how to monitor the number of employees that have filled out the survey. The survey for each award includes about 25 questions and takes about five minutes to complete.

If you wish to apply for more than one award, the surveys can be combined to give you just one link that you send to your employees, except for the young worker award.

The survey for the young worker award must be sent out just to those workers in your organization who are under the age of 25.

10. Can I get an extension on the survey?

Unfortunately, no extensions will be given for any reason.

11. My company is a past winner. How long can we keep the winner's badge that we were provided by the CSE organizing committee on our website/materials?

You can use the winner's badge as long as you want. For example, if you were a 2013 winner and the badge has '2013' on it, you can still use this forever!

12. Will my nomination information be publicly available?

No. Your nomination information is confidential. The only people who will see it is the Canada's Safest Employers organizing committee and the judges.

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