CSE Marion Reeves

Marion Reeves

Principal and Corporate Wellness Consultant, LIFE FIT Associates


Marion Reeves is an experienced Workplace Wellness Consultant who specializes in creating unique, leading-edge program solutions for her client’s needs. She does this through an integrated, inclusive approach that contributes to building a comprehensive workplace health promotion strategy, valued by all stakeholders.


With over 35 years of delivering trend-setting activities to address the personal health practices and organizational culture engagement of employees in more than 30 companies, Marion has a depth of knowledge she enjoys sharing with small and large businesses. Her areas of specialization include shift workers, multi-site facilities, blended work environments, diversified staffing scenarios, and an understanding of first responder challenges.


Marion’s background includes a BSc in Kinesiology and 10 years teaching experience in Program Planning for the post-graduate Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion Program at Centennial College. During her career, Marion has been involved in helping to advance workplace health and wellness through active participation on many provincial and federal committees. She is a recipient of the Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award and was honoured for her achievements at The Better Workplace Conference.


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